We at Aidwell work on delivering developing smart Medical Solutions

It is hard to be in this world and not catch fire or getting ill - "Wise Man Words"

Our Mission

Keep on advancing in better products through innovation and expanding portfolio that benefit the people in the least reachable section of society.

Our Vision

To put continues and best efforts in development of efficient medication solution, a model for community and be global healthcare solution provider.


Who We Are

A simple step towards care and effective medication has started our journey...

Aidwell Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd. is pharmaceutical formulation, development and marketing company, established in 2018 with a simple goal of making affordable, efficient and effective medication solution, our approach was to gradually expand within the contextual area of medically less serviced area, Rural branches of INDIA.

The notion of providing affordable medication is not an easy task, we do not aim to boast on generic medication segment, our medication is from the highest branch of research, approved by MCC and equally competitive then already tall standing pharmaceutical companies.

Our Logo..An Intrinsic Thought

Our logo is inspired by the Ancient Egypt mythology bird called "Benu", a bird from Egyptian mythology.

It was believed by the people of Ancient Egypt that BENU is a creator of life, it descended from the heaven to create life, the story of BENU is philosophical in nature, when an organization aims to make and provide medical solutions, they are also one step closer to saving life or serving it at best We at Aidwell LifeSciences strongly believe that we as a human would bring advancements in human life sciences space as wonders like BENU has achieved but not just philosophical way but true physical life curing advancement in human life sciences.