NBs, an promising solution for climate change and other global challanges

Environmental issues are rising every Day and Every Hour, there should be both individual and group driven efforts to reduce carbon footprints such as GHGs (Green House Gases). Under this particular Blog we be presenting a fine research done by “The Royal Society” Publishing, and will try to raise awareness in regard to the solution driven approach, an society consisting Individual and Major Corporates can take.

Climate change is one of the biggest concerns that we are facing right now, it is impacting all living organism on planet earth, be it humans or animals, our life is finding new curves of challenges that we have never faced before and sometimes environmental problems that sets its size 10 times bigger then it was used to be before.

This blog is simply putting an overview or personal understanding of the research done by THE ROYAL SOCIETY PUBLISHING, to get more clear narrative you can visit the link given at the end of this blog.

As of now it is well understood that there are many terms that can provide subtle understanding of climate change approach, although it is very important to understand the keen aspect of solution that can actually make changes in climate change and bring forth a possible future that has plenty for people. As per our understanding terms that has potential solution on climate change are Nature based solution, Climate Change Mitigation, Climate Change Adaption and Many more. Within this research there have been example of exemplary work done by other countries to contribute within Nature Bases Solution process, The key understanding here is to know how take smart cyclical steps that prevents issues caused under climate change, such as soil erosion can be well manged by agroforestry and many countries have implied this concept to gain significant reduction in erosion, form more examples of the same please take a look at Table 1 of this research

Effectiveness of the climate base solution is partial to its constraints, it mainly depends upon the exposure, sensitivity, adaptive capacity of the ecosystem, also it needs a strong management approach. In some cases, an ecosystem are adaptive and most of the time disturbance caused to climate change within the ecosystem like flooding, storms or wildfire get back to normalcy of their nature within lower period of time, but some ecosystem are sensitive, mainly because of heavy impact of climate change on them and thus is hard for that ecosystem to regain its normal status caused due to disturbance and in cases that are occurring most now days are disturbance cause due to climate change and other stressors like landuse change or pollution causes more disturbance in the ecosystem thus more vulnerable and sensitive the ecosystem.

Sensitivity of the ecosystem can be reduced or minimized by effecting ecosystem function such as pollution, invasive species, over-exploitation etc.
“with our without active management many ecosystem have transitioned or in a process of transitioning to alternative state under climate change” – Research quoted.
Clearly Nature based solution is one of the prime most answer to climate change which is also cost effective against engineered alternative solution that are high on cost implication, but it is important to understand that we have to come under a roof to group a solution which provides a synergy between advanced engineered solution that can expand the effectiveness of NBS. There are many hurdle in adaption of this solution mainly socio-economic wise, ownership of any particular achieved solution and financing of NBs.

For more details in this Nature based solution for climate change and global challenges please go through this link Royal Society Publishing for references under this study is huge and to know in depth you should appreciate the author and publishers work, we hoped to provide a content worth reading and furthermore worth knowing.

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