A very happy World Milk day to all our readers

World Milk Day was established by FAO-UN (Food and Agriculture organization of UN), since INDIA one of the largest milk producing country in the world from 2015, we are have altogether a different emotion asserted towards milk and its related products.

Besides being and very easy and plentiful source of protein, the biproducts of milk are one of the major economical – financial aspects of earning for rural INDIA and around the world also, in comparison to other countries where milk production is well organized and industrial scaled but in INDIA milk is both industrially scaled and organized production of milk is at bigger level, every village or small town has its own supply of milk and the distribution of its resources is organized but again not at substantial level.

“Milk Hai Wonderful Pi Sakte h Roj Glass Dudh Dudh Dudh Dudh Dudh” one of the famous song launched by Amul – Milk Federation of INDIA, and one the largest milk and milk biproducts producing company, but the share of milk in INDIA is not just famous by AMUL, it’s the people of INDIA where the most important diet includes milk on daily basis.

We hope this wonderful source of food which protein packed will be an evergreen solution for Humans, to make this a certain facts lets keep on appreciating environment, make it better, promote vegetarian food based life style and keep on feeding good food the “moooooooing” MAMA :D

Here are some great milky facts to gorge upon.

Source: World Health organization