Keep your self safe and other too

SARS-COIVD-2 / COVID-19: 2020 was a crucial start for us when almost all countries faced this pandemic with results that are unparallel to think, data shows more then 63.97L cases registered with death case of 3.83L worldwide, In INDIA we saw more then 2.18L confirmed cases with death cases of 6K and counting, sources WHO, Corona Tracker

Since there have been tremendous amount of resources asserted towards its research and cure of the covid-19, it is still hard to get a perfect cure of the same, but within this pandemic many countries well understood the concept of good hygiene, WHO and MoHFW-(Minitry of Health and Family Welfare), also promotes good hygiene habits and social distancing to lessen the curve of Covid-19 spread.

In our blog we will be showcasing what are the major understanding one should have to avoid getting infected from Covid-19, one of the research have conclusively found that that good social distancing and wearing mask alone can get the risk of transmission up to 1.5%.

One can easily be safe by following instruction given in the below illustration:

Source: World Health organization